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iPhone apps for planning your Fourth of July holiday

Jun 25, 2012

Where’s the party? Who’s bringing the cheese tray? What are we going to do? These are all questions that come up in conversations with friends or in your own head around the Fourth of July celebration season. Whether you are headed out of town or planning a backyard party for friends and family, here are some iPhone apps that have your back in the planning and party process.

Grocery List – Buy Me a Pie!

Just about the only excuse to stay home on the Fourth of July is to throw a big old barbecue for all your friends, family and coworkers. Yes, go ahead and invite your coworkers. They deserve to party, too. And now you can get them all in on the grocery shopping for the big event. Simply share your shopping list with the $2.99 Grocery List – Buy Me a Pie app and divvy out the duties for the BBQ supplies. We can’t think of a more savvy way to plan a party than sharing the grocery shopping duties.

Roller Journal

Do long days lounging by the pool bore you a little? We have an app that’s sure to perk up your lounging in the sun time this Fourth of July! The Roller Journal app for iPhone ($1.99) is a super fun question and answer diary. This app makes the journaling experience more interactive for those less apt to ruminate on their feelings at the end of the day. Get your friends and family into the journaling app, too, by sharing your entries on Facebook and Twitter. This is a surefire way to spend some quality time by yourself over the holiday.

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Who wants to play a board game? Even if you can get your friends to take up a challenging game of Monopoly, most likely everyone is plugged into their iPhones the whole time anyways. Why not try something new? The free QuizBoard app for iPhone is a fun trivia game mixed with virtual board game that is sure to raise the mood at your Fourth of July party. And, they can play it right from their iPhone.


Who says you have to spend every holiday with family and friends? If you are looking for a little alone time while seeking cultural experiences, check out the free Artfinder app for iPhone. This arty app provides you with information for all the art exhibitions happening near you or in the nearest metropolitan area. Or, grab the family and expose them to some fabulous art as well!

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