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Five clever cocktail apps to help get your holiday drink on

Nov 8, 2010

Holiday gatherings and get-togethers offer the opportunity to imbibe without worrying about showing your six-pack abs at the beach the next day. It is also one of the only acceptable times of year to drink in the office at some lucky companies. Check out these iPhone apps to add a little cocktail culture and happy hour excitement to your holiday season.

Mad Men Cocktail Culture ($0.99)

You don’t have to work at an advertising agency like Mad Men to have a day when you just need a stiff drink. Drink during the day with the AMC’s Mad Men Cocktail Culture app and challenge your coworkers to the cocktail challenge. Or, throw a Mad Men-themed office holiday party and use this app to mix an Old Fashioned like Don Draper, or a Gibson like Roger Sterling.

iTinis Lite (Free)

This sassy little cocktail app has more than 10,000 drink recipes. The iTinis Lite app’s best feature is its slot machine-style drink finder. Put this in your amateur bartender’s hand at your home or office party and have your guests spin for their drink. It’s a fun way to add a little excitement to the evening and of course, they can always spin again if they don’t like the cocktail they land on the first time around. If you have an iPad available, upgrade to the iTinis Cocktail Explorer HD for $4.99.

Cocktail Chicks (Free)

If your office is predominantly comprised of women (think less Mad Men, more Designing Women), check out the free Cocktail Chicks app. This cocktail selector app helps you select a drink based on the main ingredient, how you feel, and what you’re doing. For instance, I’m in the mood for champagne, I’m feeling classy, and I’m on a winter holiday. The Cocktail Chicks suggest I indulge in a Champagne Cocktail, which includes sugar, bitters, champagne and a lemon twist — delicious! This app is perfect when you know you want to change up your cocktail style while standing by your favorite liquor.

Happy Houred (Free)

If you have a mixed group of beer, wine and cocktail drinkers, try the free Happy Houred app. This clever cocktail app not only narrows down the closest watering holes by type, but also brings you the best deals in town. Choose all that apply: beer, wine, shots, cocktails, and pubs with grub. Then, pick your time and location; up pops the best deals in town for that moment based on your selections. Your coworkers, family and friends will think you are the smartest cocktail in town with this app on your iPhone.

R Cocktails (Free)

Renaissance Hotels brings the free R Cocktails app to iPhone for a classy cocktail experience. Create a virtual liquor cabinet and then identify one of the 100 cocktail recipes from Renaissance Hotels around the world that will fit your ingredients. Or, grab your friends and head to the closest hotel bar listed in the app for an unforgettable cocktailing moment.


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