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Extinction Squad makes for a killer game

May 23, 2012

Games like SuperRope and Fruit Ninja may not seem related, after all, one is about ascending a series of ropes while avoiding falling objects while the other is about slicing fruit while avoiding bombs. But both are basically speed runs – games that rely on a player’s quick reflexes to seize an object and avoid something that tries to end their game. Extinction Squad is another in this disparate yet similar genre, and it couldn’t be any more fun to play.

Extinction Squad’s twist on the formula is that you are trying to bounce large animals off a trampoline and into the back of a truck. While that might not sound all that frantic, when there are dozens of lions, pandas and dodos falling very quickly to the ground, thinggs can get a bit hairy. Add in the surprise of a few game-ending bombs dropping from the sky and the game is as chaotic as can be.

Adult Swim has tried to give the game a bit of character, which certainly doesn’t hurt. In addition to the standard progression and endless game modes, there’s a third option that lets players spin a wheel using coins they earn in-game. Spins can earn either more coins (that can be used to purchase power-ups which can be used in the game or to access additional levels), or the power-ups themselves. As far as the power-ups go, there’s nothing that will surprise, but a magnet that draws the animals onto your trampoline isn’t exactly an unwelcome sight.

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Extinction Squad isn’t a re-invention of app games, but it is fun, colorful and very fast. It’s a great game to be able to jump in and out of, and it’s incredibly easy to get hooked on trying to top your previous high score. Frankly, I can’t say I require much more out of my favorite games, and this one just joined its ranks.

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