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Mar 14, 2013
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Following the sustained success of its WebMD Baby app that was released last year, the pioneer of online health and wellness information on March 7 introduced a new iPhone application to the world. WebMD Pregnancy will be a happy and healthy addition to any expectant mother’s mobile media library.

Launched initially for the iPhone with plans to eventually port over to Android, WebMD Pregnancy is the most accessible and comprehensive app available for expectant mothers. Like all WebMD applications (as well as most apps that help expectant mothers understand what’s happening to their bodies), WebMD Pregnancy offers highly personalized features and educational content. After watching a brief introduction video, users are asked to provide their due date to access updates and information pertinent to their exact point of pregnancy.

“It’s all about marrying content that is relevant to the person,” explains Todd Zander, WebMD’s vice president of mobile and emerging media. “During the intake process, we ask questions specific to the user to customize the experience.”

What separates WebMD from other worthy applications already in the App Store is the combination of extensive content (more than 600 articles, 20 videos, and 5 slide shows) and tools (kick counter, contraction tracker, etc.) Most apps of this type specialize in either content or tools – rarely both. None of them offer the breadth of doctor-approved information like this for free.

Zander said WebMD was inspired to create the pregnancy app after the success of WebMD baby, which has generated more than 700,000 downloads. In addition to pleasing loyal WebMD customers (like me), the company uses apps as vehicles to attract new users on multiple screens.

“At a very high-level, people come to WebMD because they trust the brand,” he said. “What we are trying to do is get people to think WebMD first, and Google second.”

The company also publishes the universal WebMD app that focuses on health and wellness, as well as WebMD Pain Coach, and WebMD Allergy applications.

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Brad Spirrison

Brad Spirrison is the managing editor of appoLearning and Appolicious Inc. In this capacity, he has sampled and evaluated thousands of iOS and Android applications. He also holds an M.A. in Education and Media Ecology from New York University.

Spirrison worked in concert with appoLearning Expert and Instructional Technology Specialist Leslie Morris while curating and evaluating educational applications.

A longtime media and technology commentator and executive, Spirrison is also a regular contributor to ABC News, The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Bloomberg West and The Christopher Gabriel Program.

Spirrison is married and lives with his wife and young son in Chicago. As his son was born just weeks before the debut of the iPad, Spirrison takes his work home with him and regularly samples and enjoys a variety of educational applications for young children.

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