Every Body Walk! leads iPhone Apps of the Week

Mar 11, 2013

This week’s batch of top iOS apps may seem very different from one another, but the thing they share in common is that they offer enhancements on tried and true apps. Our lead app is a super pedometer that not only tracks distance and time, but maps your routes. The other apps include an app to touch up your Facebook photos before you post them, another to get deals on movie tickets, and one that turns the weather forecast into a game.

Every Body Walk! (Free)

Every Body Walk! tracks your exercise progress like the best pedometer you’ve ever had. It keeps track of distance, time, calories burned and even routes you’ve taken. Users can create goals for distance, time and calories burned so they have something to shoot for as they walk. Walking routes can also be viewed on a map, and a summary of the entire walk can be shared social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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Facetune ($1.99)

Why should celebrities be the only people who get their pictures touched up? Now you can make your pictures look ready for the runway with Facetune. The photo editing app offers numerous options for touching up pictures. Users can smooth skin to remove wrinkles, color or add hair, clear imperfections, change eye color, and even apply blush or remove circles under eyes. If you’re concerned about the quality of the photos you’re uploading to Facebook it’s time to check out Facetune to fix them up before anyone else sees them.

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Dealflicks (Free)

Much like its name implies, Dealflicks attempts to offer discounted deals on a trip to the movies. Available in over 100 locations, Dealflicks lets you save up to 60 per cent on movie tickets and select concessions like popcorn and soda. Users can search for theaters by location, see user and critic ratings for movies, see movie descriptions and info, and choose the showtime and deal that’s right for them. Deals can even be combined for special bundle deals. Even better, there’s no convenience fee for using Dealflicks, so you’ll actually save the money that you’re saving on ticket prices.

Good weather (Free)

If you’ve ever felt like your weather forecast could use a few games alongside it, good weather might be theapp for you. Good weather features an instantly updated accurate forecast updated via a live database, but is also so much more. It also features 30 weather mini-games based on the current forecast in your area. Now you can “play” the weather as you see it unfold on your phone. It’s a unique way to experience the weather for more playful iPhone owners.

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