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Eufloria iPhone game is as sweet as a rose

Aug 30, 2012

A few weeks ago, when reviewing Tentacle Wars, I remarked that I liked the concept but I thought the game’s difficulty went from 0 to 60 too quickly. For anyone that agreed with that premise, Eufloria is the antidote.

The gameplay of the two titles is remarkably similar. In Tentacle Wars, the player connects two orbs via tentacles in order to try and “take over” the game board. Eufloria’s general concept is the same except instead of tentacles, the player sends “spores” to different asteroids and attempts to defeat the evil spores in order to control the asteroid. Semantics aside, the gameplay in the two titles is basically the same.

The main difference in the two apps is that Eufloria gradually introduces concepts to the player, whereas Tentacle Wars left the player in the middle of a very tough game without a life raft. The slowly increasing difficulty that coincides with the introduction of new concepts in Eufloria, not to mention its whimsical visual style, make it a much more addicting gaming experience than its counterpart.

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Eufloria is so well-paced that the player can increase the speed of the game to their liking whenever they want. The default speed of the game is just right for beginners trying to learn the basic controls and watch how their taps affect the on-screen action. But after a few levels, watching a horde of spores move slowly through the air and land on an asteroid becomes a bit dull. Luckily, Eufloria’s two additional speeds quicken the pace considerably, so players can get to the real heart of each level’s battle for territory.

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It’s kind of strange to see two similar games come out so close to one another, though in my mind, Eufloria and Tentacle Wars serve slightly different markets. While Tentacle Wars appears meant for the most hardened of gamer, Eufloria is a bit more of a welcoming experience. Given that its levels can often last longer than 10 minutes to conquer, it’s not exactly the ideal pick-up-and-play game, but Eufloria is still quite a bit more welcoming than its competition in the app space.

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