Enjoy a mystical time with these horoscope mobile apps

Apr 2, 2013

Everyone loves a good daily horoscope on the side of their morning cup of coffee. Nothing puts a spring in your step like a stellar outlook on the day. And, it puts a real damper on the day when the barista forgets to put out the horoscope section in the morning. But if you have a mobile phone, your horoscope could just be a swipe away! Even if your friends think your horoscope obsession is a little creepy, you know they secretly read them, too. Here are some fabulous horoscope and fortune-telling mobile apps.

Horoscope (iOS, Android Free)

Looking for a free way to track your horoscope on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis? The free Horoscope app for iPhone and Android is loaded with content to help you get a jump on predicting and planning for your month ahead. This charming mobile app also has tips for mood, love, wellness, and career so you can keep on track from a day to day basis. The Horoscope app even gives you particular dates to keep in mind for good times and those inevitable bad times. Select what language you would like to receive your horoscope in each from English, French, Spanish, and more on both app platforms.

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Jonathan Cainer Horoscopes (iOS, Android Free)

Sometimes reading one daily horoscope is just not satisfying. If you want to get an expert take from a top astrologer on your day’s future, check out the free Jonathan Cainer Horoscopes app for iPhone and Android. Jonathan gives you motivational thoughts for the day as well as answers questions about what your friends are thinking. He also gives you your daily, weekly, and monthly forecasts so you can plan ahead for your future happiness.

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Palm Reading Scan (iOS Free)

Does your palm hold your future? If you are bored with just reading your horoscope every day in the newspaper or within a fancy new mobile app, then check out this fabulous and free Palm Reading Scan app for iPhone. Find out what your palm reveals about you, and your life, by scanning it with your iPhone camera using this mystical app. The app reads the shape of your hand, thumb, and life line for free. Then, you need to do the in-app upgrade of 99 cents to finish the reading. It is definitely worth the nominal upgrade fee to mystify your friends with a happy hour palm reading. Just don’t take the readings too seriously, because it’s really just all fun and games, right?

Tarot Card Reading (iOS, Android Free)

Did you get a kick out of the Palm Reading Scan app listed above? Then you will surely fall in love with the free Tarot Card Reading app for both iPhone and Android. See what is in store for you and your friends in life when you use this entertaining mobile app to answer all the questions you cannot wait to know about the future via virtual Tarot cards. Do you have a friend going through a rough time that needs a little pick me up? This future-telling app is an adorable way to give them a laugh or at least a smile or two.

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Dog Horoscope Booth (iOS Free)

Now that you thoroughly have your fill of your own horoscope, why not check out your best friends, too? Oh, and by the way, we are talking about your furry best friend. With the free Dog Horoscope Booth iPhone app you can simply scan your dog and find out what the future has in store for your pup. This family-friendly mobile app comes packed with over 100 horoscopes, sharing results through email, Facebook, and Twitter. Just how public you want to be with your Boston Terrier’s daily outlook.

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