Eleven iPhone beauty apps to makeover your life

Jul 13, 2010

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in this case, it is in your iPhone. Below are a bevy of beauty iPhone apps ready to give your life a makeover.

Three beauty apps you must try

Taking into account the symmetry and proportion of your face, the Beauty app ($1.99) scans your frontal face photo and spews out a number from zero to 100. That number is your personal beauty factor. It’s not a scientific method, but it is fun to consider a beauty score for a moment—but taking this seriously would be seriously superficial.

Having problems with dull hair, enlarged pores or even loose skin? Fret no more — simply download the free Beauty Tips from DailyGlow.com app for all the beauty tips you can handle. Save your favorite tips for easy access later or search the vast library of tips by keyword.

For 99 cents, you can download the Hair & Beauty app. Never again carry around mountains of hairstyle photos, clipped from magazines and cluttering your designer handbag up until your next haircut appointment. With this app, you can have all the latest styles a touch away on your iPhone. You’ll have to buy a subscription to keep up with all the latest issues, but it is much more eco-friendly than purchasing all those paper magazines.

Spa on the go

The free Organic Spa Magazine Skin Care Guide app is your comprehensive resource for all beauty items organic and natural. Identifying organic and natural products can be a chore, so check out the certification section of this app for a brief how-to on recognizing certification labels and wording when buying green. Also, check out the “featured” section for a breakdown of the leading organic beauty brands, or search via categories to find particular items like face washes or lipstick.

Not so much into the green beauty products? For you gals that need all the chemical additives you can get your hands on, check out the free Beauty Product Reviews by TotalBeauty.com app. Whether you are looking for a treatment for under-eye bags or a scar-reducing cream, this app is full of real-user reviews to make sure you make a smart buy, every time.

Once you have all your perfect spa products stocked, check out the free Glade Relaxing Moments Composer app to transform your bathroom into a tranquil, relaxing home-spa space. My favorite composition is the beach background with the island music and seagulls chirping— it takes me to my happy place every time.

If you are a “Type A” lady, who can’t just sit still, download the Sally’s Spa time management game ($2.99) and run a virtual spa from your home spa. This game is a great way to indulge your inner techie while relaxing at the same time.

Makeover your makeup

Young fashionistas, meet the free mark. Beauty & Fashion Trends app, filled with all the latest fashion and beauty trends featuring “The Hills” star, Lauren Conrad. Sophisticated ladies will love the free Lancôme Make-Up app, a virtual makeup palette with realistic renderings including tips from professional makeup artists.

If you like to play around with your makeup and have already mastered the smokey eye concept, check out the free Lookz – Barry M – Makeup, Beauty, Fashion and Style app for fun and functional makeup looks like “Robots in Disguise,” “Catwalk Lookz” and of course, “Everyday Lookz.” Or, if you want to recreate the looks of Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift, download the free Celebrity Makeup Looks – Free Beauty Videos app for your celebrity makeup tutorials.

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