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DropBox releases new apps, updates for old ones

Sep 22, 2010

There are more than 100 apps that interact with DropBox and its mobile file-sharing service, so DropBox Inc. figured, why not put them all in one place?

directory of DropBox-compatible apps is just one of the things the company is releasing today. Along with updates for its Android, iPhone and iPad apps, Blackberry users now have their own DropBox app.

DropBox lets users sync files between their computers and mobile devices using an online space. The company offers two gigabytes of space for free, and users can pay for more space if they need it. Third-party apps tap into this space and allow all kinds of services, such as word processing.

Updates for the existing iPhone and iPad apps center around increased functionality on iOS. The apps now support HD video capturing, full-screen, landscape-orientation document viewing for iPad, multitasking support for background uploading and downloading, and automatic offline document caching.

The Android app received a similar, though less extensive, treatment, with DropBox adding photo gallery support and the ability to upload multiple photos at once. Android users also can now upload files out of other apps directly to DropBox and track the progress of downloads and uploads with a new progress bar feature.

Meanwhile, the Blackberry version of DropBox remains more basic than the other apps – it allows document access and viewing from the app, but not much else. That probably won’t be the case for long, however, considering the fairly big functionality increases other devices’ apps just received.

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