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Dr. Seuss Senders iPhone app not Grinchy with the e-cards

Apr 26, 2010

Sometimes, nothing sums up the situation better than a Dr. Seuss rhyme. Now, you can download the Dr. Seuss Senders iPhone app ($2.99) and send your friends and family classic Dr. Seuss cards for every occasion, at all hours of the day, and always have the right thing to say. The rhymes are coupled with the whimsical designs from the books.

With 100 cards in the iPhone app, you won’t run out of clever follow-up emails for months to come. Considering the average “You did it!” card at Hallmark costs approximately $5 these days, $2.99 for 100 cards is a bargain.

I immediately send my college friend, who is lovingly nicknamed “Fish,” the “Hot fish, cool fish, you fish, RULE fish!” card. When my man was on a business trip, I sent him the “Say…hope you’re having fun today. I miss you when you are away!”

Nobody says it quite like Dr. Seuss. He was the man. Once I was a little bit “Grinchy,” as the man would say, so I sent this one to a friend the other day: “A Grinch is a person who doesn’t like fun. I’ve been a bit Grinchy, but my Grinching is done!”

The only thing missing is a direct link to share via social network sites. I tried saving and then uploading the photo to a friend’s Facebook page, but whether it was due to a glitch with the app, iPhone or with Facebook, it wouldn’t upload.

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