Download Discounts for Apr. 12: Superblox: Power Unleashed!, The VOID, iStunt 2

Apr 12, 2011

We’ve got three solid freebies in the games department for today’s Download Discounts, and you’ll want to snap these up in a hurry before they’re gone. Up first is the tilt-based action game Superblox, which sort of combines match-three titles like Bejeweled with Tilt to Live and requires fast reflexes and smart decisions. Then there’s The VOID, a space-based role-playing game in which you’ll find yourself upgrading your ship and taking down aliens. Finally, there’s iStunt 2 – Insane Hills, which packs 15 levels of side-scrolling snowboarding action from iStunt 2 – Snowboard. Enjoy.

Superblox: Power Unleashed! (iPhone, iPad) Free (was $0.99)

Snag Superblox while it’s free: the game packs multiple game modes for its tilt-controlled action, providing a lot of variety in a small package. The basic premise of each game mode is the same, though. You tilt your device to move a cube representing you around the screen, touching other colored cubes. The goal is to gather three of the same color, as you would in a match-three game like Bejeweled. Once you’ve done that, the cubes are cleared and you score your points.

Superblox is different from other matching games, though, because around the screen also are enemies that are hunting you. You’ll need to dodge centipedes, mines, missiles and other dangers as you gather up your cubes as quickly as possible. Various power-ups also add another layer to the game

The VOID (iPhone, iPad) Free (was $0.99)

Buy a starship and start taking on alien fighters in The VOID, a huge space-based role-playing shooter in which customizing your ship, weapons and equipment are key to being able to battle through four quadrants of alien-controlled star systems. Your ultimate goal is to conquer the galaxy, and you’ll have to fight through numerous bands of aliens and loot their flaming wreckage to do it.

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The VOID features ships from four different alien races for you to pilot and upgrade, with all kinds of different items to track down and attach to your ship to gain an advantage. The game features OpenFeint support as well, providing you with online leaderboards and achievements.

iStunt 2 – Insane Hills (iPhone, iPad) Free (was $0.99)

We featured iStunt 2 – Snowboard not long ago on one of our Fresh Games features, and it was definitely worth the few bucks it ran me to give it a shot. Now you have a chance to give the full game a thorough testing with iStunt 2 – Insane Hills, which features a lot of levels from the full version but is currently free. You’ll take to the 2D side-scrolling slopes as a snowboarder and use tilting controls to make jumps and do tricks to score points on your way to collecting stars to earn a high score on multiple levels.

You get 15 stages in this download, filled with all kinds of crazy slopes and obstacles — including inverted mountains to fly down, loops and sections in which you’ll deal with reversed gravity. All the while you’ll have flips, grabs and rail grinds to do. Insane Hills carries support from Game Center, so you get lots of achievements and leaderboards to try to take over.

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