Discover some long-lost fun with Treasure Raiders iPhone game

Apr 4, 2011

If you’re looking for adventure and excitement in your life, then you should probably go outside! Once you’re there, though, it would be a good idea to whip out Treasure Raiders, a new app from Glu Games Inc. that will turn you into a real-life Indiana Jones! Grab your fedoras and bull whips, it’s a jungle out there!

The premise of the game is that you’re hunting ancient relics for a museum. The more relics you find, the more money the museum makes, and the bigger bonus you’ll receive. The bonus has a limit, though, so make sure to collect each day. You travel to various areas by selecting an empty exhibit in the museum, and bringing up a map. After selecting an area, you’re dropped in the middle of the jungle and must find your way to the dig site, cutting through vines, logs and boulders.

You aren’t really like good old Indy, as there isn’t any combat or environmental hazard to overcome, but the game still feels like an adventure. The art and music set the mood, and the sense of exploration you feel when searching for the dig site is pretty engaging. After finding it and starting to dig, you set up sites to search for artifacts. This can take a couple of minutes in the early game and up to several hours in the later game. Setting up a dig site costs money, lumber and stone, which you can find while exploring, or buy in the game shop.

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You have an energy bar, which limits how much you can do before needing to recharge. This doesn’t take more than a couple hours, but can be bypassed by purchasing items in-game. Like many of Glu’s titles, this is a freemium game with a purchasable in-game currency, which is diamonds. The exchange rate for diamonds is a bit steep, and not really worth it. Later in the game, though, everything costs huge amounts of energy, while lumber and stone become quite scarce. Luckily you get a diamond as well as several other useful items each time you level up.

Overall, this game can be really great, but only if you have the tremendous patience required to play it in dozens of short bursts. Luckily, it’s free, so you can easily find out for yourself. Check it out.

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