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Deer Hunter 3D iPhone game hits and misses

Aug 18, 2009

It’s eerie how much fun you can have shooting e-deer at first. The tracking, the silent stalking, the breathless pull of the trigger.

Based on the PC classic, Glu Games Inc. offers Deer Hunter 3D for the iPhone. The hunting simulation offers a GPS-like screen that lets you track deer, moose and bears across different hunting regions. Kills are displayed in the Trophy Room with point breakdowns (extra awards for head-shots and antler size) and reenactments of bullet trajectories. Simply find the largest animals in each region and aim for their vitals to unlock new hunting locations, skills and weapons—yes, even an AK47.

Still, the exhilaration wears off quickly and flaws emerge.

A tap almost anywhere on the screen pulls the trigger and can sometimes be hypersensitive when dragging the crosshairs around. More than once I had trouble selecting the “Steady” function that helps accuracy or the scope setting located in the bottom left corner of the screen without shooting manically and clearing the forest. With only three locations and six guns, the game is short and leaves little desire to continue playing without more things to unlock.

A free version of Deer Hunter 3D is available that can provide an accurate feel for the full game, though it only offers three short hunts with no options for weapon or region selection. It does, however, have a unique bonus round that lets you shoot squirrels, which somehow never gets tiresome.

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