Death Rally game drives its way to the top of the charts

Apr 18, 2011

High-impact violence and rubber-burning speed have recently gotten married and had a child. That child is Death Rally, and it really got the best of both its parents. With gorgeous graphics and addictive gameplay, this one will have you on the edge of your seat. Start your engines, gentlemen!

Following the classic trend of retro-revival on iOS devices, Death Rally is a remake of a 1996 game of the same name, made by the same people at Remedy Entertainment. The game greatly improves on its predecessor in gameplay, and just leaves it in the dust in graphics. Fun side note: You can actually download the original free on Remedy’s website!

The game is a top-down, combat racing game. As you play, you unlock new weapons and cars, all of which are upgradeable. You also gain notoriety, and eventually work your way up to the most infamous racer of them all, dethroning the mysterious figure known as “The Adversary.” You will be awarded money after each race, some of which will be used to repair your vehicle, and the rest to upgrade your equipment. Upgrading everything in the game is an addicting goal. Eventually, that money will just convert directly to fame when there’s nothing left to buy.

Most of the maps are pretty cool, despite one that I utterly despise. The controls take a while to get used to, but the game will grow on you quickly. The races are all short and simple, and the game is perfect for hit-and-run play sessions. Something really cool about the game is the various cameo drivers that show up. There’s John Gore from Minigore, Mighty Eagle from Angry Birds, and the best of all . . . Duke Freaking Nukem shows up as an opponent! Hail to the king, baby!

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This game is moving at mach 5, and has already had its first update, which added a new car and two new weapons! So what are you waiting for? Go pick this one up, or it’ll be you left in the dust. See you at the finish line!

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