Channel your inner winter sports star with these iPhone games

Jan 3, 2012

If you’re jonesing to hit the slopes this winter but lack the time, money or snow to actually do so, there are plenty of apps that might satisfy your cravings and result in a lot less bruising. The iPhone features all sorts of snowboard and skiing games, both realistic and cartoony. Here are five that should keep you busy through the rest of this chilly winter.

Ski on Neon ($0.99)

If you’ve ever looked at the Las Vegas skyline and thought, “Well those neon lights are nice, but I’d sure love to ski on them,” then Ski on Neon is the game you have been waiting for. This timing-based game sees the player skiing over neon slopes as they try to beat specific level times or jump vast distances. It’s a simple premise but the game requires players to be fairly focused. Picking up enough speed to nail the length of even the early jumps required in the game takes some serious practice.

Ski Jumping  Pro ($1.99)

If Ski on Neon proves a little too unrealistic, Ski Jumping Pro might answer your ski-dreams. This simulation app features 62 events and 32 fantastically real venues. The app comes with 50 ski jumpers, and you can fully customize your own jumper, even adding in his country of origin to really get into the spirit of the game.

Touch Ski 3D Full ($2.99)

For a change in perspective, try the first-person view of Touch Ski 3D Full. Touch Ski puts the gamer into the action skis-first as they jump across 42 different snow-covered courses. Content is really the name of the game for Touch Ski. The games 42 courses are split amongst sixteen race courses, sixteen slalom courses, four freestyle trick parks, and four tight slalom courses. There are also distance ski jumps and freestyle trick ski jumps. If you can do it, it’s probably in Touch Ski.

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Rat on a Snowboard ($0.99)

For those that prefer snowboarding to skiing, Rat on a Snowboard offers a light hearted take on the genre. Gamers race an odd-looking cartoon rat over endless levels trying to beat times and complete challenges. Rat on a Snowboard has 30 distinct challenges players can complete, and once those are finished, there are two more game modes, “Speedy Slopes” and “Explodin’ Meatballs” that never end, so there’s plenty of value to be found in this app.

Crazy Snowboard ($0.99)

Crazy Snowboard offers a more realistic approach to snowboarding, or at least one without any rats. The game boasts 30 distinct missions and gamers can unlock 13 riders, 13 boards and 16 different tricks as they play. Traditional snowboard moves like grinds are included and gamers can hone their skill on one of the game’s four endless free-ride tracks. If all of that seems slightly overwhelming, don’t worry, as the game guides users through its paces delicately, providing a good balance of challenge with the ability to pick up and play the game right away.

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