CaptureAudio leads iOS Apps of the Week

Mar 24, 2013

This week’s Top iOS apps list features an app that makes it easier than ever to keep track of your audio recordings using a few common sense features like labels and tags for each recording. Our other top apps focus on vacation rentals, baby monitoring, SAT prep and tapas recipes.

CaptureAudio ($0.99)

The iPhone comes with a built-in voice recorder, so it’s perhaps a little strange that CaptureAudio even exists, at least until you see its feature set. CaptureAudio doesn’t just want to capture your audio, it wants to organize it. The app lets users organize their clips into user-labeled “binders” that makes finding them later incredibly easy. Additionally, users can mark certain points on their audio clips with “flags” that act as place markers for important parts of the clip. That’s especially useful if you have a long clip but need to know where the meat of the content is.

Dwellable Vacation Rentals update (Free)

Looking to get away? Whether you want to explore California, Florida, or somewhere in between, Dwellable Vacation R entals is an app worth checking out. Dwellable features over 80,000 vacation rentals and 1 million corresponding photos for those rentals, so you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into. You can browse by a map or filter for date, beds, price or amenity. The app’s most recent update features a complete redesign and nationwide coverage, as Dwellable now has listing throughout the United States. A new calendar also displays the availability for every property.

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HonestBaby (Free)

Has the babybook moved to the digital age? HonestBaby hopes so, as the app helps you chart your baby’s daily activities and development. Users can also track day-to-day activities like feeding, diaper changes, sleep and doctor visits. Users that have accounts with Honest can also manage their accounts, subscribe to feeds, and manage their orders. It might not replace the babybook entirely, but it’s sleek navigation makes charting your kid’s every moment easier than ever before.

Edupath SAT Prep & College Search (Free)

Edupath blurs the line between free and premium apps, as it offers a good deal of content for free in the form of a listing of 1300 colleges. The college listings come with the app and are great for getting the lay of the land when it comes to which campus you want to start your college career on. However, the app’s other main feature, the SAT Prep, comes at a price of $30 per month. That prep includes thousands of practice questions written by PhDs from top universities in addition to performance data and analytics tracking that lets you know your study progress.

The Photo Cookbook – Tapas ($3.99)

Cooking tapas has never been easier with The Photo Cookbook – Tapas app. Would-be chefs can look up over 60 tapas recipes filled with more than 500 photos. Clear cooking instructions accompany the photos so no matter if you prefer to read or learn through visuals you’ll get what you need out of The Photo Cookbook. Recipes are divided into chapters like “Small Plates,” “Vegetarian,” “Fish and Seafood,” and “Meat and Poultry,” which makes finding the right recipe for the right occasion very easy. Recipes can also be saved as favorites if you want to keep them on hand for future use.

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