Boxee introduces iPad app for users and nonusers alike

Aug 12, 2011

TV addicts: at this commercial break allow yourself to explore socially-linked media center Boxee’s new app Boxee for iPad. It allows Boxee and Boxee Box users (and anyone else with an iPad) to use the service to find and share web-based video content. The app, working in combination with the Boxee Bookmarklet and Boxee Media Manager, allows users to link to their Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr accounts in order to see the videos their friends are sharing online. And the app even features a curated ‘featured content’ section to point out to users what the Boxee community at large is watching.

The heavily visual app allows users to choose videos to watch within the app, or to add them to a watchlist for a rainy day. The app features the recently updated Bookmarklet, which makes it easier to save content to watch later on one’s iPad, on the Web or via a Boxee Box using the iPad’s AirPlay functionality. Mashable noted that the is the first time AirPlay-like features have been offered on a device other than the Apple TV.

Boxee for iPad also features the service’s new Media Manager. Users who have installed the Boxee Media Manager software onto their Mac or PC can choose to later access local content from an iPad. Content is transcoded on the fly and streamed straight to the iPad. This means that videos don’t have to be converted for the iPad, nor do they take up any precious space on the device. Media Manager runs as a standalone application that is not tied into one’s regular Boxee library.

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Now back to your regularly scheduled programming, streaming straight from Boxee for iPad.

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