Borders on Android and other top Android Apps of the Week

Jul 9, 2010

Things are really heating up with ebook readers for Android; a release from Borders makes this the third week in a row we’ve seen a major ebook reader launch a product in the Android Market.

In addition to the bookworm booty, a number of other utility and informational apps received updates this week, including WordPress and Sprite Backup.

Utilities and entertainment

Borders has made a splash into Android with the free eBooks app.  Powered by Kobo, which also launched recently on Android, the Borders app lets you access your account, download digital books and customize your reading experience, including font sizes and bookmarks.

WordPress’ free Android blogging app got a major update this week, adding more management tools on the go.  View stats, moderate multiple comments at once, stylize text with the visual editor and enjoy the redesigned writing screen.  The new options make mobile blogging considerably easier, especially for professionals.

Sprite Backup updated its Android app this week, with new scheduling options and migration support for Android ROM upgrades.  For $4.95, the app is reasonably priced for the service provided, which includes backup capabilities for text messages, call logs, contacts, photos, settings, and integration.

PhoneWeaver has launched a controls app that lets you create profiles for auto-managing your phone.  Set your ringer based on calendar meeting start- and end-times, or turn on your GPS when you plug it into the car. At nearly $7, the PhoneWeaver aims to make your apps work together in order to smartly manage your phone actions.

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Yelp has gone the way of Foursquare, with check-ins for its free Android app.  Yelp also added an augmented reality feature, called Monocle, which allows you to use your camera to see a radar screen, thus offering a different way to visualize your surroundings. Find local businesses and see an overlay with their ratings, comments and more.

The federal government released a series of apps this month, including  The free app sends you updates on products that have been recalled, so you don’t miss anything.  Primarily informational, posts can be searched, bookmarked and tagged.  There’s also an option to report products to the agency.

TV Listings + Fav Channels has seen a significant boost, thanks to its recent updates. The 99-cent app lets you see if a show is a  rerun, schedule reminders and search your local listings. Easy to use and supported by most major providers, and available in most major areas, TV Listings is a smart tool for television lovers.

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