Bladeslinger: Episode 1 tops iPhone Games of the Week

Nov 29, 2012

This week brings us everything from mega releases to retro revivals and small-time grabs for success. Topping the list is Bladeslinger, the highly anticipated 3D action title with a crazy concept and world. We’ve also got a new Action real-time strategy (RTS) from Gameloft, a revival of the craziest graffiti skating game Japan ever offered, a top-down racer from a great studio, and a very possible Impossible Test sequel. That’s not even mentioning the zombie bowling game!

Bladeslinger: Episode 1 ($2.99)

This is merely the first entry in what’s sure to be a fantastic series of games from Kerosene and Luma Arcade. It’s a Western themed action adventure with some steampunk elements, and you fight through hordes of rampaging mutants. The touch controls, while not perfect, are surprisingly intuitive and innovative, and shooting, slashing, dodging, and stabbing your way around the battlefield is easy as pie. Not only that, but the visuals are some of the best on mobile devices so far, up to par with any Gameloft game. The setting may be a bit bizarre, but if you want a solid, if repetitive action game, look no further.

Heroes of Order & Chaos (Free)

Gameloft finally thrown their hat into that very particular arena of Action RTS games, more commonly known as a MOBA, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Like League of Legends, or the original Defense of the Ancients mode that inspired the genre, you take control of a hero and fight alongside your friends, pushing to the enemy base through turrets and RPG style combat. The connection with Order & Chaos Online doesn’t seem very prevalent. Unlike Legendary Heroes, the last big MOBA release for iOS, this game actually lets you play on a team instead of controlling the entire team yourself, and it offers online play. I love a good MOBA, and like millions of others, have been waiting for such a game on iOS. That game is finally here.

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Jet Set Radio ($4.99)

This is one of those bizarre classics that could only have come from absurd world of the SEGA Dreamcast. Yes, this is one of those games that make old school gamers pine for the good old days, and man is it weird. Each level has you skating around a fairly open world, tagging just about everything you can find, including people, with your gang’s graffiti symbols. Vandalism and inner city turf wars have never been so kid-friendly. It really is a great game, and now that it’s on iOS, a whole new generation can enjoy it.

The Impossible Test 2! (Free)

The first Impossible Test was ludicrously popular, and not nearly as impossible as advertised. Still, with such a following, PixelCUBE was able to bring us plenty of spin off games such as Impossible Test Space and Summer. But only now do we get an official sequel, with a number at the end of the title and everything. You already know what to expect with this one. More hilariously literal and obvious or deceptively tricky puzzles and riddles to complete. When all is said and done, you can go back in for leaderboard speed runs. The previous games were downloaded by everyone, and this one probably will be too.

The Bowling Dead (Free)

Activision, with their swimming pools filled with money, decided to do the obvious thing with that money, and release a hilariously cheesy bowling game in which you literally bowl zombies. It may sound random and gimmicky, but the developers at Slant Six Games know what they’re doing, with a self-aware, tongue in cheek sense of humor that simply revels in the absurdity of the concept. Turns out guns can’t kill zombies, even with headshots. Only a secretly developed government bowling ball can. Luckily, you’re an awesome bowler who happens to find it. Also, everything is drenched in that dirty, bloody, 70’s grindhouse movie aesthetic, which is a nice touch.

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Ghost Racer ($0.99)

Even a passing glance at the features list of Ghost Racer can be very underwhelming. We’ve already seen top-down racers that allow you to race against “Ghosts” of your online friends best runs, and they often had more features on top of that. A second glance, however, reveals that this is from the same developer of Mos Speedrun, which is one of the best pixel art platformers to hit the App Store. It turns out the gameplay is quite solid, and while this won’t take the iOS gamers by storm, it’s worth at least an afternoon of play.

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