Bird Zapper! iPhone game full of high-voltage fun

Apr 7, 2011

If you’re looking for a humorous new game that’s the latest spin on the “match three or more” genre of puzzle games, in which you electrocute birds as a squirrel with a bloody vengeance . . . then that’s oddly specific of you. Luckily that game is here, in the form of Bird Zapper!–a great new puzzle game to add to your app library.

The game starts out showing you a squirrel named Skippy that lives in a utility pole and is just trying to groove to his MP3 player. Then a band of birds lands on the wires, and cuts the power. Now it’s time for Skippy to get revenge.

The game screen is divided into three, four and five power lines, or rows, with each row of birds moving at a different speed. The goal is to simply swipe across three or more birds of a matching color as the rows of birds continue to move. There are also birds known as special action birds, which do various things from freezing all birds on screen to letting you tap certain colored birds to eliminate them. The birds will also occasionally lay eggs that you must quickly tap to crack open.

Either a sunny-side-up egg or a baby bird will fly out. If it’s a bird, you can tap it again for bonus points. Across all modes, there’s a score multiplier for consistently destroying your feathered foes.

There are three game modes; Survival, Blitz and Zen. Survival has a depleting power meter that you must continually refill through bird-zapping, and it ends once your power is out. Blitz gives you a minute to get the highest score you can, and Zen is simply a free-play mode, in which you can practice or just mess around. You receive batteries for zapping 1,000 birds across all modes, which can be used in Survival and Blitz to refill your energy or extend your time, respectively. You also have the option of buying 50 batteries from the App Store for the same price as the game.

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The game supports Game Center achievements and leaderboards. The leaderboards seem pointless, however, as using batteries does not disable high scores, allowing people to play a mode infinitely if they want the highest score. Overall, the game is a great pick-up-and-play time-waster. Check it out.

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