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Aug 17, 2016

It’s the hardest job in the world, and there’s no foolproof, step-by-step approach. The only thing you can be sure of when you begin parenting is that there will be mistakes made along the way. But that doesn’t mean you have to dive into parenthood unaccompanied. Put your favorite accessory – the iPhone – to good use and download the following parenting apps. They can’t physically change a diaper, or put an unruly teenager back in line.  But the apps can point you in the right direction. Don’t get discouraged. In 18 years it will all be over.

Track the miracle of life with BabyBump iPhone app

Congratulations! You’re expecting, and, of course, there’s an app for that. BabyBump is a comprehensive pregnancy app, which means that it will likely be the only app you need to get you through these (approximately) nine months. Once you enter in your due date (the app can also guess your delivery by the date of your last menstrual cycle), the app begins a countdown tracking you through each trimester up to delivery.


BabyBump provides weekly information on baby development and what to expect in the way of cravings and symptoms. Users can also track measurements and weight, as well as personal symptoms on a daily calendar. The built-in kick counter records kicks, remembering where you left off if the app is closed—and then creates a summary you can email.

The contraction tracker—which tells you what stage of labor you’re likely in based on the length and frequency—is extremely useful in determining when to head to the hospital.

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Get ready for baby with My Pregnancy iPhone app

When you’re pregnant you have a about 5 million things to do, including buying a crib, taking Lamaze classes, and reading that parenting book. But don’t fret, you can keep your long to-do list organized with the My Pregnancy iPhone app.

Start by entering your due date, and you’ll be given a virtual calendar that describes, week by week where, you baby is in his or her development. Your development is being tracked, as well. For example, at 22 weeks, the app informs you, your belly might become “a hand magnet.” (You have the right to ask people not to touch, according to the app).


Mixed in with development details are helpful answers to questions you are burning to know, such as “Is it safe to get a bikini wax while pregnant?” (Yes, according to My Pregnancy). And will moisturize help to reduce stretch marks? (No, but it will help to reduce itchiness).

The app also has plenty of extras, such as allowing you to create a baby registry, helping you track weight gain, and reminding you about taking prenatal vitamins. There are a few educational videos sprinkled in for good effect.

Expect great things from the WebMD Pregnancy app

Following the sustained success of its WebMD Baby app, the pioneer of online health and wellness information introduced WebMD Pregnancy app, which is a healthy addition to any expectant mother’s mobile media library.

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WebMD Pregnancy is the most accessible and comprehensive app available for expectant mothers. Like all WebMD applications (as well as most apps that help expectant mothers understand what’s happening to their bodies), WebMD Pregnancy offers highly personalized features and educational content. After watching a brief introduction video, users are asked to provide their due date to access updates and information pertinent to their exact point of pregnancy.

WebMD Pregnancy

WebMD Pregnancy is a FREE app for iPhone from WebMD that delivers fun features and tools as well as trusted health information to expectant moms. Whenever. Wherever. Online or offline. Keep track every day, until that special day!SM WebMD Pregnancy delivers fun features and tools as well as trusted health information for expectant moms. Whenever.

“It’s all about marrying content that is relevant to the person,” explains Todd Zander, WebMD’s vice president of mobile and emerging media. “During the intake process, we ask questions specific to the user to customize the experience.”

What separates WebMD from other worthy applications is the combination of extensive content (more than 600 articles, 20 videos, and 5 slide shows) and tools (kick counter, contraction tracker, etc.) Most apps of this type specialize in either content or tools – rarely both. None of them offer the breadth of doctor-approved information like this for free.

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