Best iPhone weather apps of 2011

Dec 16, 2011
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Whether the weather outside is frightful or delightful, there’s no better app to have by your side when you want to know whether to bundle up or strip down than a weather app. Here are five of the best weather apps released in 2011.

Weather+ ($0.99)

Any weather app can tell you the weather, but Weather+, true to its name, goes the extra mile. With this app you can see the weather, too. That is, each type of forecast comes equipped with a looped visualization so you’ll get the picture if the day is windy, rainy, snowy or Judgmental Day-level thunderstormy.

The app also dispenses with the usual essentials including the humidity, precipitation, pressure and visibility levels, alongside information like wind direction and speed. As an added bonus, when you check a given location’s forecast, you can also see what time it is there. That way, if you want to tell your friends in Nevada that it’s another gorgeous day in March, you’ll know not to wake them up first.

Fahrenheit – Weather and Temperature on your Home Screen ($0.99)

Fahrenheit is a very clever little weather app. Rather that use the push notification counter to tell you that there’s been “1” or “2” updates to the forecast since you last checked, you’ll see something like “35” or “73” plastered in the corner of the icon as it rests on your app screen. No, the app isn’t pushing an insane amount of updates, but simply telling you the current temperature without you ever having to open the app.

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Of course, once you open the app you’ll see plenty of other information, too. The current conditions, humidity, pressure and dew points to name just a few. You can add unlimited cities to the app in case you want to monitor multiple locations, and there’s even Facebook and Twitter integration in case you feel like sharing weather info with your friends.

Weather™ ($9.99)

Weather may be pricey at nearly $10, but it also provides a complete forecast experience suitable for the type of person who constantly has their TV set to The Weather Channel. Not only do you get the current temperature and weather conditions, but Weather also provides radar maps, satellite maps, world satellite maps and even real time earthquake information at your fingertips.

For those who prefer to hear the weather rather than view it, Weather also has a live NOAA weather radio, so you can know about all the upcoming weather before you actually see it. If you’re into the weather, it’s hard to beat the Weather app.

Living Earth HD – World Clock and Weather ($0.99)

If you want to take a “bigger picture” look at the weather, Living Earth HD is the way to go. Zoom all the way out to space to check on the live cloud cover present in this app. From there you can see weather all across the world complete with standard forecast info.

Living Earth HD also comes with a world clock so you can see the current time no matter what forecast you’re looking at. If you’re really curious, you can even see the sunrise and sunset times for each city you’re interested in. You can use the world clock to set an alarm within the app and wake up looking at the current condition of the Earth, as well.

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