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Bastion tops iPhone Games of the Week

Aug 30, 2012

This is a very special week in iOS gaming as far as I’m concerned. The incredibly lauded indie hit Bastion dropped on the iPad totally unexpectedly, and it is far and away the best game of the week, if not the summer. We’ve also got some other solid titles, such as an indie puzzler called Blast-a-Way, a crazy endless runner called The Last Driver, and a port of the most creative and fun game Square Enix has put out in the last half decade. Here are this week’s top iPhone games.

Bastion ($4.99)

I cannot praise this game enough. It’s an action RPG that is more streamlined. It’s more about the action and diverse weapons than tons of loot. Even more so, it’s about the narrative, and the gravelly voiced narrator that made us all fall in love with this game instantly. It’s a rather unique way to tell stories in an RPG, and it works out great. The world you populate is one of chaos and destruction, after an apocalyptic event known as The Calamity rips the world asunder. It has a great western feel in the music, and the end game story moments are some of the most poignant I’ve seen. Let’s just hope the long term gameplay handles the touchscreen transition well.

Blast-A-Way ($4.99)

The people over at Illusion Labs, who brought us the excellent Touchgrind games, have now released this rather explosive little puzzle title. It’s very slow paced, as you play as three different robot heroes to save all the helpless Boxies (odd little creatures of this world) while also blowing your way through all the 3-D physics-based puzzles. It’s a polished head scratcher of a game with a fantastic art style, and a very adventurous feel. The numerous amount of mechanics and the way they all interact later down the line are a testament to this game’s design, and I highly recommend it to puzzle fanatics.

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The Last Driver (Free)

This is a balls-to-the-wall endless driving game from Chillingo. It looks like a cross between TheEndApp and Mutant Roadkill, only with better balance and a lot more to do. The world has been absolutely destroyed by nuclear bombs, a zombie apocalypse, and an alien invasion all at once, and your only goal is survival at any cost. I was absolutely sold on this game when I saw that you had to dodge the occasional T-Rex in the road. As you play and upgrade your weapon-packed car, you’ll survive longer and longer. It’s not totally original, but it is just crazy enough to enjoy.

Granny Smith ($0.99)

Here’s an oddball title if I ever saw one. It’s an auto-runner in which you play as a granny who is incredibly skilled in parkour running while she chases down an apple thief. This granny has clearly had an excellent and fulfilling life, because she’s constantly throwing herself through walls and off buildings with no disregard for her life. I wouldn’t have given this game a second look, but I saw it was from the people who brought us Sprinkle, the awesome liquid physics puzzler. Give this one a download if you want a chuckle or two.

The World Ends With You: Solo Remix ($17.99)

This is the most unique thing Square Enix has put out in ages. It brings classic JRPG elements to the table and mixes them with a fast-paced and addictive combat system, excellent art style, and a huge focus on the amazing soundtrack. It even employs some fashion-based mechanics in terms of your equipment. The story and world are unlike anything else you’ll experience, and there is plenty of replayability. As this was originally a Nintendo DS game, the price point is kind of ridiculous for the App Store, but if you’re tired of the more commonplace RPGs on the market, this is one to check out.

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