Arc Squadron leads iPhone Games of the Week

Nov 1, 2012

This week brings us a nice mix of genres and styles, starting our favorite Arc Squadron. It’s a polished, space combat game like the classic Star Fox, made with tender love and care. We’ve also got the latest in the iBomber series of games, a sci-fi take on Battleheart, a bizarre roller-coaster game from RedLynx, and an even more bizarre… something or another from Adult Swim. In any case, here are this week’s top games for iOS.

Arc Squadron ($4.99)

Arc Squadron is the long-anticipated squad-based space combat game from Psyonix. Not only is it a polished, gem of a game with solid design and Gameloft-level visual quality, but it does something I’ve been waiting ages to see. It apes the classic gameplay of games like Star Fox 64, creating a similar experience without ripping it off. Nintendo has failed to give me a game that lives up to what I consider the best game for Nintendo 64, but Psyonix has gamers like me in mind. This game is loaded with content and game modes, full of upgrades and simple, touch-based gameplay. Don’t miss out!

iBomber Attack ($2.99)

The iBomber series delves into multiple genres, from the original, being a simple arcade style bombing game, to iBomber Defense, a tower defense take on the setting and style. Each game in the series is fresh, innovative, and polished, regardless of genre shifts. It’s safe to say that iBomber Attack, the latest entry, is no different. This time around, you’re on the attack in a huge tank on a tour of destruction through Europe. There are 24 levels in all, but they’re all a pretty good size, and there are plenty of power-ups that keeps things fresh.

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Sci-Fi Heroes (Free)

This is the latest title from Majesco Entertainment, who previously released the well-designed but buggy Legends of Loot. It’s essentially a sci-fi, space marine, alien invasion take on the iOS classic Battleheart. The visuals take similar cues, with colorful cartoon characters and environments and bold lines. The gameplay so far is solid, promising tons of loot and features, and even if it does turn buggy in the end, it’s also free. The best thing of all time, though? The trailer is voiced by none other than Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw of Zero Punctuation fame. I don’t know how or why, but that’s just wonderful.

Nutty Fluffies ($0.99)

Well this one is a bit unexpected. It comes from the house of RedLynx, developers of the Trials series of games among various others. It combines the absurd adorableness of fluffy animals with the thrill of roller coaster twists and turns. You control the speed of the coaster with simple swipes, building up speed or breaking in time for big jumps and power-ups as you collect hearts and complete mission objectives to earn in-game coins.

Heads Up! Hot Dogs ($0.99)

What are you even doing, Adult Swim? What is this? You can count on the always expanding partnerships of Adult Swim and mobile developers to churn out…interesting results. The last one was phenomenal all around. This one has you balancing hot dogs on the heads of business-men, cops, hipsters, and anyone else that happens to be walking by. The pixel art and exaggerated characters are great, and the game is actually very amusing and surprisingly fun to play. I don’t understand what plain of existence these ideas come from, but it must be a wonderfully trippy place!

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