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Appolicious welcomes Yahoo! users

Apr 21, 2010

Today Appolicious begins a partnership with Yahoo! that will expose our articles and community features to people from all walks of life. 

Readers of Yahoo!’s industry-leading properties including Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Sports and Yahoo! Finance will be directed to Appolicious articles that focus on their particular areas of interest. The Appolicious website is now co-branded with Yahoo! and its individual properties, so that readers interested in baseball apps, for instance, will see Yahoo! Sports branding on related stories and app pages. 

Once on the co-branded site, Yahoo! readers will be able to register with Appolicious and review and curate apps that interest them the most. The Appolicious community will benefit from the large and diverse audience of Yahoo! readers. Yahoo! readers will receive qualified recommendations to help them decide which of the nearly 250,000 iPhone, iPad and Android apps are worth downloading. 

As Yahoo!’s Vice President for Media Jimmy Pitaro explained to Kara Swisher in All Things Digital, “we’re focused on making people’s online lives easier,” he said. “Apps are huge, but confusing to many, so we want them to be in the relevant place they belong and in context.”

Appolicious and Yahoo! will benefit from this expanding universal community that is all about apps. 

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Brad Spirrison

Brad Spirrison is the managing editor of appoLearning and Appolicious Inc. In this capacity, he has sampled and evaluated thousands of iOS and Android applications. He also holds an M.A. in Education and Media Ecology from New York University.

Spirrison worked in concert with appoLearning Expert and Instructional Technology Specialist Leslie Morris while curating and evaluating educational applications.

A longtime media and technology commentator and executive, Spirrison is also a regular contributor to ABC News, The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Bloomberg West and The Christopher Gabriel Program.

Spirrison is married and lives with his wife and young son in Chicago. As his son was born just weeks before the debut of the iPad, Spirrison takes his work home with him and regularly samples and enjoys a variety of educational applications for young children.

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