Appolicious talks election apps with NBC: Watch Live at 7PM CDT

Nov 6, 2012

What apps are you using right now to get you through election night?

Each presidential election is also a good time to reflect on technological development over the previous four years. In 2008, for instance, apps were just becoming part of the pop-cultural sphere. During this year’s debates, according to a Pew Survey, more than one-third of viewers were also interacting with what was appearing on television with a second screen device.

Among our favorite apps for election season are IntoNow, Settle It! Politifact’s Argument Ender!, and PollTracker.

This evening at around 7PM CST, watch live coverage of Appolicious speaking with NBC Chicago about the best election-viewing apps, and other technological themes from the 2012 campaign:

View more videos at:

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Brad Spirrison

Brad Spirrison is the managing editor of appoLearning and Appolicious Inc. In this capacity, he has sampled and evaluated thousands of iOS and Android applications. He also holds an M.A. in Education and Media Ecology from New York University.

Spirrison worked in concert with appoLearning Expert and Instructional Technology Specialist Leslie Morris while curating and evaluating educational applications.

A longtime media and technology commentator and executive, Spirrison is also a regular contributor to ABC News, The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Bloomberg West and The Christopher Gabriel Program.

Spirrison is married and lives with his wife and young son in Chicago. As his son was born just weeks before the debut of the iPad, Spirrison takes his work home with him and regularly samples and enjoys a variety of educational applications for young children.

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