Appolicious Showcase: Ten Giggly Gorillas

Nov 9, 2012

Ten Giggly Gorillas is an interactive storybook app for preschoolers which presents a wonderful sensory experience in storytelling. The family friendly app also includes parental controls and is free of any in-app purchasing or third party advertisements. The highly entertaining and educational storybook can be downloaded right now to iPads for $2.99.

Here is a glimpse of the app’s intuitive, seamless and downright stunning interface:

Get to know these Giggly Gorillas

Find them swinging in the trees while putting on a show for the cheeky chimpanzees. Listen to the story to know which one to tickle under the arm (are they wearing a pirate hat? flippers? a bow tie?) and hear them giggle until they lose their grip and fall until there’s one lonely gorilla left.

Tickle her under the arm and discover the hidden surprise at the end. A rollicking rhyme and beautiful illustrations combined with rich animations (and cheeky touch-activated dialogue) on every page to make this a favorite for young and old alike. It has a bonus memory game which features characters from the book and specially scored music.

Ten Giggly Gorillas is designed specifically for touch screen technology which means the readers interaction is integral and drives the story forward.

Fun and family friendly

The app is both entertaining and educational with text highlighting and a positive social/moral outtake. It also sets the standard in family-friendliness with no in app purchases, third party advertisements and all external links contained within a dedicated a protected parents section (3 second hold to activate link).

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Parents interested in learning more about Ten Giggly Gorillas and developer wasabi PRODUCTIONS can visit the company’s Facebook Page and follow it on Twitter. You’ll know why Ten Giggly Gorillas is such a worthy download for your preschooler, and learn more about upcoming titles that are family-friendly and fun.

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