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Appolicious Showcase: Monster Paradise

Oct 9, 2012

Who knew that saving the world by defeating, capturing and collaborating with more than 500 Dark Monsters could be so much fun? This is what you will find when you download Monster Paradise for free to your iPhone or Android device.

The beautifully-designed monster-collecting game has you journeying through more than 60 in-game areas and over 180 quests. When you start out, you log-in and pick your character. Each is associated with a different basic elemental power: fire, water, or wind. The monster companion you start with is based on the elemental power. You will also enjoy a memorable cast of characters and detailed storyline at every step.

Here is a glimpse of what we’re talking about:

There is no better feeling in a role-playing game than leveling up, and the flashy screen dedicated to restoring your stamina and magic points in Monster Paradise will have you beaming with pride. As you proceed with your journey, you can stock up on Booster Packs, Summoning Tickets, Gold Chests and other powers.

During quests you will battle monsters, encounter gold treasure chests, and give “shout outs” to friendly monsters and characters. Along the way, you are encouraged to team up with friends to defeat Dark Monsters and will be rewarded for doing so. Monster Paradise is a game you should tap into several times a day as there are special Dark Monster events and Daily Deals you will want to take advantage of to help you in your quests.

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Monster Paradise can be downloaded for free to the iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as to Android devices.

(Editor’s Note: This showcase article is part of a promotional campaign)

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