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Appolicious Showcase: Find Math Apps with

Oct 12, 2012

Apps that can be downloaded to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are about more than just fun and games. In fact, there are approximately 100,000 educational apps to choose from in Apple’s iTunes App Store. The challenge for students and their parents, however, is identifying and locating the most relevant education apps for them.

Enter iMathTools, which offers a comprehensive database and advanced search engine tools that help you locate the educational applications most appropriate for you and your family.

Here is a detailed demonstration of the Content Search Tool and the Language Search Tool that are available at

As you can see, the Educational Content Search Tool enables users to identify any of the approximately 100,000 education-oriented iOS applications either directly by name, or by language and references included in developer descriptions. Search results for all of the associated apps for a given query are displayed by priority. Each result also includes a link to the page in the iTunes App Store where the app can be downloaded, as well as a list of the devices in which it is compatible.

Annual subscriptions for the Educational Content Search Tool can be purchased for $14.99, with transactions processed on PayPal.

The Advanced Search Engine is the second app discovery product offered by iMathTools. This elegant tool displays apps from 55 different languages across the globe – from German to Swahili! This translation tool lets users enter an app query in their own language, and see app results in one or multiple foreign languages.

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See a full demonstration of the Advanced Search Engine in the above video. The Advanced Search Engine is available for a yearly $9.99 subscription. Those transactions are also processed via PayPal.

Instructional Math Tools LLC is based in Houston, Texas. Contact the company directly here. You can also visit and ‘Like’ the Instructional Math Tools LLC Facebook Fan Page.

(Editor’s Note: This showcase article is part of a promotional campaign)

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