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Appealing Apps for Educators: Your Must-Read Digest

Oct 15, 2012

Appolicious is working in concert with mobile-savvy professional educators to identify and showcase the best educational apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

If you are always on the prowl for the best educational apps to share with your school-aged children, here is a snapshot of what you have missed so far.

The Back to School Edition

Distinguished educational consultant Lucy Gray provides an overview of the best apps educators and students should pack into their digital backpacks. Selections include Remind101, Book Retriever and iTunes U. You will also want to check out Lucy’s post on “Going Global”.

Screencasting Smackdown – Videos in the Classroom

Increasingly, apps like Khan Academy and and iTunes University are illustrating how educators can better incorporate video instruction as part of – or at least a complement to – their curricula. Jennie Magiera, a Digital Learning Coordinator at the Academy of Urban School Leadership (which is part of the Chicago Public Schools), provides a detailed overview of the best iOS apps for video instruction, which include ScreenChomp, ShowMe, and Educreations Interactive Whiteboard. Jennie also shared her favorite apps for student workflow management.

Augmented Reality for Educational Engagement

While augmented reality technology is just scratching the surface in categories like retail and navigation, its already having a profound impact on education. Julene Reed, the Director of Academic Technology for St. George’s School in Memphis, details the best augmented reality-oriented apps that are used right now in the classroom. Her selections include Aurasma, Sekai Camera and Layar Reality Browser.

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Early childhood education

Longtime kindergarten teacher and digital concept designer Frances Judd has spent decades incorporating innovative technology into her classroom. In addition to the iPad apps created by her studio Mrs. Judd’s Games, Frances talks about her favorite titles for toddlers including Motion Math: Hungry Fish, Dino Dan: Dino Cam and Art in Motion.

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Brad Spirrison

Brad Spirrison is the managing editor of appoLearning and Appolicious Inc. In this capacity, he has sampled and evaluated thousands of iOS and Android applications. He also holds an M.A. in Education and Media Ecology from New York University.

Spirrison worked in concert with appoLearning Expert and Instructional Technology Specialist Leslie Morris while curating and evaluating educational applications.

A longtime media and technology commentator and executive, Spirrison is also a regular contributor to ABC News, The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Bloomberg West and The Christopher Gabriel Program.

Spirrison is married and lives with his wife and young son in Chicago. As his son was born just weeks before the debut of the iPad, Spirrison takes his work home with him and regularly samples and enjoys a variety of educational applications for young children.

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