American Airlines leads iOS Apps of the Week

Nov 24, 2012

This week’s top iOS apps are brought to you by a heaping helping of Thanksgiving leftovers. Enjoy these apps while you also enjoy not cooking for the next week. We’ve got (very timely) apps on crafting a healthy diet, a redesigned American Airlines app and updates for blogging aggregators, cloud document storage apps and even a cloud journaling app. Warm up that plate of leftovers and enjoy these apps!

American Airlines (Free)

American Airlines is putting a little fun back into air travel with the latest update to their iPad app. Users can now play a trivia game that can even be played while the plane is in flight. The app’s redesign supports a complete rotation of the screen. Boarding time has also been added to all passbook supported boarding passes, as well. All those new features combined with the simple but smart layout of the American Airlines app make it a strong contender for one of the best airline apps around.

Healthy Diet & Grocery Food Scanner by Shopwell (Free)

In the post-Thanksgiving food coma that sets in after the holiday, it’s important to get your diet back on track. Healthy Diet & Grocery Food Scanner can help with that big time. The app has features that help you pick out foods that match your dietary needs. And you can set goals for yourself that can be achieved within the app. With Healthy Diet it’s easier than ever to make a healthy grocery list. The latest update to the app features 50,000 new foods to add to your grocery list, too.

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Pulse: Your News, Blog, Magazine and Social Reader (Free)

Pulse, the content aggregator that brings the latest news, blog posts, magazine articles and social networking posts together under one app, is back with a new update to hopefully streamline some processes based on user suggestions. Users can now add unlimited news sources to their feed. So the reader who wants to know everything isn’t confined to a small set of sources any longer. Pulse has also added a brand new search where users can find any website, person, brand or topic from places like Tumblr, YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Flickr and more.

Documents To Go Premium ($9.99 – on sale through 11/26)

If you’d previously used Documents To Go in order to keep your mobile docs handy but found it a little unstable, its latest update fixes some crash and formatting issues. As a refresher, Documents To Go lets you edit, create and view Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. You can then sync with cloud files via Google Docs, Dropbox, Box.Net or SugarSync. It is a terrifically helpful app, aside from the instability that had plagued its earlier iterations.

Day One – Journal (Free)

Day One provides a mobile journaling experience that exists in the cloud as much as it does on your phone. The app lets users upload photos, add in weather and temperature data, Foursquare places and of course accompanying text to regular journal updates. But those journal entries can then be synced to the cloud using iCloud or Dropbox to your Mac, iPhone or iPad apps. Day One’s latest update also includes tags in order to better organize your posts alongside new formatting headers to make sure your journal is stylish.

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