Adobe VideoBite leads iOS Apps of the Week

Feb 10, 2013

Adobe’s latest mobile software for editing video content kicks off this week’s best apps. Adobe VideoBite is a great app for quickly and easily editing video shot with iOS devices. Also, the legendary Mr. T returns in app form, a handy translator app for traveling to other countries, a social networking app that connects you with city locals, and an app for collaborating with co-workers.

Adobe VideoBite (Free)

Adobe’s iOS apps are known for being lightweight versions of its well-known content editing software for PC and Mac. VideoBite continues the trend of their easy-to-use touch-based apps that are great for fast editing. With VideoBite, you can favorite and mark video clips, and the app quickly stitches them together. VideoBite also cuts clips together from several videos, and you can share them across Facebook and Twitter.

Travel Voice Translator Linguatec ($0.99)

Next time you’re traveling to a place where don’t grasp the language, you might want to take Travel Voice Translator along with you. The app is like having a pocket interpreter; you speak into the microphone of your device and tell the app which language you need the words translated to, and Travel Voice Translator does the work. You can get both text and voice output for a number of languages, making it easy to help you communicate in just about any place you travel.

Sendgine (Free)

Sendgine is great for collaborating with co-workers and friends, and expands beyond brainstorming to sending actual content between users. It’s a bit like a chat app, where you can see all the messages sent between collaborators on a project arranged on a single timeline, but the app also makes it easy to send images, documents, and PDFs. The app keeps everything in the context of the timeline, so you always know to what a piece of content relates and why it was sent.

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Mr. T (Official App) ($0.99)

If you haven’t heard, Mr. T is back! He’s got a Twitter account, a new YouTube show, and an official mobile app. It comes with a number of cool, funny features, starting with a photo booth that lets you add Mr. T’s signature Mohawk and beard. You can also ask Mr. T questions, magic 8-ball style, and get some fairly hilarious video responses. You can even check in on what’s going on with Mr. T’s Twitter feed. If you’re a fan of novelty apps, this is a pretty great one.

Sooligan (Free)

Visiting a new city for the first time? You’ll want to grab Sooligan, an app specifically designed to help you find the best stuff in a city, especially when you’ve never been there. Sooligan is a social network for asking questions of people who live in a specific city. Questions that can help you find the hidden gems, like the best places to eat or grab coffee, and the off-the-beaten-path activities that only locals know about. And you can also use the app to field questions for other users, steering them to places worth visiting in your own town.

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