AccuWeather offers most complete weather information

Aug 29, 2009
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If you’re a weather geek and want a complete forecast just a touch away, the free AccuWeather app is a tremendous asset for your iPhone.

AccuWeather combines storm alerts, multiday and intraday forecasts, radar, weather videos and satellite imaging into a single app.

The main screen for AccuWeather shows the current forecast with buttons for hourly and 15-day forecasts. It also offers ultraviolet radiation (UV) and air quality indices. By flicking through its screens, you can read National Weather Service advisories, see inclement weather alarms and view risk meters for severe weather such as thunderstorms and snow.

Forecasts include the actual temperature, real-feel temperature, a visual representation of current conditions, humidity levels, air pressure readings and wind speed plus wind direction.

As a bonus you won’t see on other weather apps, except The Weather Channel app, AccuWeather offers lifestyle-geared forecasts, weather news and fun weather-related videos. In its favor over the The Weather Channel, AccuWeather has more stunning graphics and a few additional features, such as risk meters.

You can add up to 15 locations from the main screen, making access to multicity forecasts a flick away.

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