Access these ten iPhone apps for the NFL Divisional Playoffs

Jan 11, 2010

Thumbs up to the eight teams that still have battery life in the NFL playoffs. Squads hoping to advance to the conference championships should dial into these ten iPhone apps. 

Flight Control iPhone game

The key to advancing in the playoffs is to avoid turnovers. As pilot of the Minnesota Vikings, Brett Favre can probably beat the skyrocketing Dallas Cowboys by handing off to Adrian Peterson and letting his defense run on cruise control. Before putting the ball in the air and risking another postseason interception, Favre should download the Flight Control iPhone game. At 99-cents, this game will teach Favre to keep a clear head while pursuing safe (career) landings.

Psychic iPhone app

While Jets coach Rex Ryan’s Super Bowl prediction does not have the panache of Joe Namath’s guarantee 41-years-ago, his team has advanced farther than anyone could have foreseen. To sharpen his clairvoyance against the San Diego Chargers, Ryan should download Psychic. The 99-cent iPhone app tests your psychic ability by predicting shapes, colors and playing cards. His next move is to get a read on Norv Turner’s play-calling. 

Streaks – Motivational Calendar iPhone app

The Dallas Cowboys have been on a good run since giving the New Orleans Saints their first lost of the season. To keep the streak going, Jerry Jones should make sure all of his players are equipped with a Streaks – Motivational Calendar iPhone app. The $1.99 app tracks the number of consecutive days required to reach a certain goal. You know it only took America’s Team 13 years to win a playoff game. 

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Trenches iPhone game

The Baltimore Ravens nearly beat the Indianapolis Colts in a 17-to-15 slugfest during the regular season. As they get ready for battle again, tackle Michael Oher and his fellow offensive linemen should download the Trenches iPhone game to get a handle on what it will take to be the Colts in January. The $1.99 game set in War War I Europe may cause Indianapolis fans to be all quiet on the Midwestern front. 

LawyerFinder iPhone app

Drew Brees took some time during the bye week to pen an op-ed column in the Washington Post focused on anti-trust issues in the NFL collective bargaining battle. While Brees should be respected for his independence and courage on this issue, his New Orleans Saints are going to need every point the Pro Bowl quarterback can muster if they hope to beat the Arizona Cardinals. At least for the next few weeks, Saints coaches should download the free LawyerFinder app so Brees can concentrate on his opening argument against a porous Cardinal secondary. 

Reflex Recharge iPhone app

After laying down against the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills the last two weeks of the regular season, the Colts will need to revive for any hope of beating the Ravens. The 99-cent Reflex Recharge app monitors human reaction times and is the Colts best defense against again being immobilized while facing an inferior team in the playoffs. 

Oxygen iPhone app

After an epic offensive battle against the Green Bay Packers, the Cardinals will have no rest as they prepare for an equally explosive Saints team. The team’s best chance for a breather may come by downloading Oxygen. The 99-cent app is designed to stimulate Alpha/Theta waves for a mental and physical refresh. Neil Rackers may want a quickie before he attempts another clutch field goal.

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CPR & Choking iPhone app

Every year the Chargers arrive to the postseason with arguably the most talented roster in the league. Still, the team can’t seem to make it to the Super Bowl (the Stan Humphries squad excepted). To avoid another athletic asphyxiation on the field this year, players should all arrive to Qualcomm Stadium with the free CPR & Choking app. 

Starbucks Card Mobile iPhone app

Many doubt that Pete Carroll will be able to guide the Seattle Seahawks to the playoffs after an historic run as head coach of the USC Trojans. Even if Carroll doesn’t succeed in his third NFL coaching stint, he will be able to pay for Vanilla Lattes on his iPhone with Starbucks Card Mobile. The free application, which also lets you check and reload your Starbucks card balance, is currently available in Seattle and a few other select markets. 

Boss Translator iPhone app

While Mike Shanahan is an accomplished NFL coach, so were Joe Gibbs and Marty Schottenheimer before going to work for Dan Snyder and the Washington Redskins. If Shanahan has any hopes of returning to the Super Bowl as Redskins coach, he best download Boss Translator. The 99-cent app records what your boss says and then provides its own unique translation for the meaning. A must-have app for Draft Day. 

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